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Date of Enrollment:________________________

ITEM ONE: Hours of Child Care, payment of fees, over time fees, and holidays.

  • DAY HOURS: open 7:00 a.m. Close: 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Full Time Child Care hours are based on 30 plus hours per week and no more than 10 hrs. a day.
  • FEES: Fees are due and payable on Friday (or sooner) in advance for the week or weeks coming up. All fees are paid in cash. You can choose to pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Once you agree to the pay schedule you are required to stay on this payment schedule. If you need to change the “term” of your payment schedule, you are required give a written 30 day notice of intent to change payment schedule, and both parties must sign a new fee agreement.
  • FEES ARE BASED ON A WEEKLY RATE: Weekly means, paying one week in advance, Bi weekly means paying two weeks in advance, Monthly means paying the amount of weeks in the month you are paying, whether ( Some months have 4 weeks and some months have 5 weeks) h you will pay the required weeks for that month in advance according to the weeks of that month. A fee agreement will be signed as well.
  • FEESS are based on enrollment not attendance. There are no deductions in Fees regardless if child is absent for any reason. Including Providers Vacation time. Fees are paid 52 weeks per year. Fees are paid even during any type of emergency closing, including pandemics, school closures, or government issued closures.
  • LATE FEE CHARGES: Are applied when the parents are late paying the tuition fees past closing time on Friday, when due. There is a late fee charge of $10.00 per day that fees are late being paid. All fees are due and payable by closing on Fridays. Late fees are counted for any day passed due date. This would also include weekends.
  • FEES ARE PAID WHEN CHLD CARE IS CLOSED: If Day care is closed on a Friday, fees are due by closing time on Thursday, or the last day child Care is open or the last day your child attends that week.
  • FEES: Are paid 52 weeks a year regardless of absences, holidays, closures.
  • SUSPENSION OF SERVICES: Your Child Care service can be suspended if fees ae not paid on time. Parents must contact Provider in advance anytime there is a problem.
  • OVERTIME FEE: Over time fees are paid anytime you are late and arrive after closing time or arrive early before we open in the mornings. Over time fees are: 1.00 per minute starting any time before 7:00 am. Or at any time after 5:30 pm after closing. Be prepared to pay late fees on the night you are late.
  • OVERTIME NOT AVAILABLE: It is imperative that Parents pick up their children on time. We do not offer over time service. If by chance your running late parent needs to call an alternative person pick child up.
  • CALLING PROVIDER: Parents must CALL PROVIDER immediately if they know they are running late.
  • HOLIDAYS: Day Care is closed for all major holidays. (See your holiday schedule) Holidays are included in your weekly fee. There are no deductions in fees for Holiday closings. There are no deductions in fees should day care be closed for in-service days or personal day off.
  • IN SERVICE DAYS: These are days outside of Holiday closure or winter/summer breaks closures. In Service days are so Provider can attend conferences, workshops, or other Professional Growth trainings that benefit the Child Care business.


I understand the terms and conditions under item one. I have read the terms in Item One and agree to these

Terms and Agreements concerning hours of operation, Fees, payment of fees paying the fees in cash, over time fees, in service days and other provisions under Item One.

I also understand that this day care is closed on all major holidays and that there are no deductions for fees and all closures are included into the weekly fee. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of any other provision.

Sign: ___________________________________________________date_______________________

Print name_______________________________________________________

Sign: ___________________________________________________date_______________________

Print name_____________________________________________________

ITEM TWO: Vacations, Breaks, and termination agreement

  • PARENT VACATIONS: Parents must notify Day Care two weeks in advance when planning a vacation and child will be absent from Care. All fees are due in advance regardless of duration child will be absent before you leave on vacation. Failure to pay childcare fees by the time they are due and payable will result in late fees being incurred and/or childcare services could be suspended and forfeited. Parent would still be liable for fees that are due, or fees due through the 30-day termination agreement.
  • SUMMER AND WINTER BREAK CLOSURES: The childcare is or can be closed 3 full weeks during the year. These closures will be on your holiday schedule. If there are any changes Provider will give at least a 30-day notice prior to the break closure. These scheduled breaks can be taken in one-week intervals, or taken all at once, or taken as one week one time and two weeks another time. It’s providers digression, dates for these closures. These closures are normally 1-2 weeks at the end of the year during Christmas Holidays time. (Winter break) And one week during the summer. (Summer Break) See schedule. Provider has the right to take this time off as she sees fit. Either all at once or broken up into different time periods. Parents will need to make alternate plans for childcare during that time. This childcare is unable to provide alternate care for you. Some Parents take the same time off for Vacation during this time. Parents should plan ahead. These closures are included in the fees, and fees are paid regardless.
  • PAID BREAKS: All three weeks during the year are paid. No deductions in fees during this time. Child Care is paid 52 weeks of the year. Your Fees are based on the days we are open. Your fees were set at a reduced rate to compensate for these closures.
  • TERMINATION NOTICE: It is mandatory that you give a 30-day written/dated notice to the

Provider before terminating childcare services for any reason. The notice must be dated for the day the notice is turned in to the Provider (Pat Alexander) The termination notice will take affect the day you give it to the provider (Pat Alexander) No back dating.

At time of notice your final 4 weeks of fees will become due and payable. Termination dates are a full four weeks to end on a Friday. Example give it on a Monday, so it ends 4 weeks later on a Friday. Since this childcare did not require you to put down a deposit towards your final 30 days at enrollment it will be required in advance when you do serve your termination notice.

TERMINATION notice will not be accepted any time during the scheduled break time. Those weeks are still due and payable if notice is given less than 40 days prior to a scheduled break period.

  • PROVIDER TERMINATING SERVICES: Your provider has the right to terminate services without notice for the following reasons.

1. Child's behavior is uncontrollable and is a risk to the other children.

2. Child is not adjusting to the environment and it is not emotionally ready for a group setting and unable to participate.

3. Fees were not paid and are overdue. Breach of contract. FEES will still be due because a 30-day notice of termination is required.

4. Parent is a risk to the provider or other children in care

5. Parent arrives at day care drunk, or under the influence of drugs.

6. Provider makes a judgment call and feels immediate termination is needed.

7. Parents breech any parts of the Contract agreement.

Provider is within all legal rights to terminate services for any reason. Whenever possible under other

Circumstances provider will give a two week to 30-day notice should child care services need to be terminated. Parent is still liable for final 30 days (30-day termination notice, unless Provider waives that term)

If emergency situations arise, due to school closures, state issued closures, pandemics or other health emergencies, and you will not be able to bring your child to child care, you will be required to either pay the fees as normal and return when able to or give the 30 day notice as required. You must give written notice to terminate and pay those 30 days regardless.


I understand the terms and conditions under item two. I understand my responsibilities and conditions regarding personal vacations and all closures including the three weeks during the year. I understand all fees are due at that time.

I also understand the conditions regarding Terminating services with a written, dated notice 30 days

In advance with the final four weeks due at time of notice. Should I fail to give the required notice I understand that I am still obligated to pay the final 30 days regardless if my child attends or not. If I should leave before my 30-day notice is final I am still obligated to pay any remaining fees due at that time. The final 30 days is a full 4 weeks of care, that will end on a Friday. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of Any other provision, this is a legal binding contract.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________


ITEM THREE: Illnesses

Current Illness Policy:

NOTE: Contagious illnesses are never allowed at day care at any time. Your child must be kept at home or with alternative care during any contagious period of an illness. Your child will need a doctor's note saying if the child is fit to return to childcare and is no longer a risk to the other children. However, Provider reserves the right to refuse the doctors note if Provider feels the child is still to sick to attend childcare. Please be familiar with the policies regarding illnesses. There are no deductions in fees any time your child is absent due to illnesses. Fees are still due and payable in full and on time (see fee agreement)


Corona Virus ( COVID-19) Or any highly contagious Virus, Flu, or disease, that puts children, families, and community at risk, and harmful to others will abide by the following procedures. This is during any community or statewide outbreak or epidemic, and anytime it is present in our community. The following procedures will be enforced.

Procedures: Children who come down even mildly ill, or show symptoms of any of these harmful illness will need to be seen by a doctor and tested to rule out any infection to these types of illnesses and diseases before they allowed back to childcare /preschool. A note on physician’s office letter head stating they were tested and cleared of any of these diseases will be required. Provider still reserves the right to refuse admittance and use her own discretion. All precautions must be taken to make sure child is not exposed to anyone you know, or family members that might have any of these harmful illnesses. Children must be kept home and quarantined if exposed to any of these harmful illnesses until it’s safe and they are not infected or contagious. If you know anyone or been around anyone that has come down with any of these Diseases, you are to notify your provider. Child Care will remain open during a community outbreak until we are advised to closed by the state or health Dept.

Children will not be allowed to attend childcare/ Preschool during any community outbreak of harmful diseases if your child has symptoms of any illness including the common cold you will need to keep your child at home until the child has been assessed and cleared. . This means all harmful diseases, viruses, Flu, Corona Virus and etc. that are a threat to the community. IF you are unable to work, or return to work during any community crisis, and can’t continue care, you are still required to give the 30 day termination notice, which is paid. If you want to reserve your child’s spot you can continue to pay the fees as usual. If you terminate, and pay the fees for 30 days, there is no guarantee there will be a spot for your child to return to after your 30 days has expired.

• absolutely no fever, not even low-grade fevers accepted.

• runny noses, clear, yellow, or green not accepted.

• Cold Symptoms of any kind need a doctor’s release stating it’s not harmful and can return, and this note presented is dated. No exceptions.

• Exposure to anyone who has come down with a disease. Children and Families will need to be tested to be sure they are free of contracting the illness, and a doctor’s note is required that they are clear. (Always notify provider in any event a child has been exposed to any illness or disease even mild ones.

• Children will allergies or mild colds that have been cleared to return, but still cough or sneeze will be required to wear a pediatric face mask.

• Parents who are home sick or staying home with other sick children will be required to keep children enrolled in our program home as well.

• No one is to bring a child to childcare/preschool with symptoms of any illness and risk exposing the other children here.

• Parents will need to call provider and notify them anytime a child is home sick and what the illness is.

• IF anyone is sick in the family it’s best practices to reframe from kissing and making face contact with your children or other children to avoid the spread of the illness.

• It is best practices that any sick family member stays away from the healthy members during cold and flu season and especially during community outbreaks.

• All precautions to keep children safe and illness free is the responsibility of the Parents.

• This includes keeping children safe and illness free at childcare/preschool and not bring children to care to expose other children.

• Provider reserves the right to send any child home due to any type of illness.

• Provider reserves the right to close childcare/preschool down without prior notice due to community illness/outbreaks.

• Parents are to always be aware and prepared to come pick up child in case of illness of any kind but especially during a community outbreak.

• Parents should also take into consideration that there might be pregnant Moms in the group and can’t risk illness as well.

• Some children have weak immune systems, and all parents need to be aware that their child is not the only child in care, and all children and families are important.


• Provider will ask common health questions at drop off.

• WE require any sick child to be 48 hrs. symptom free and medication free before returning to childcare/preschool and a doctor note during community outbreaks.


1. Measles, chicken pox, fever over 100 degrees, diarrhea, vomiting, flu, pink eye, Conjunctivitis, impetigo, severe coughing, severe colds, green or yellow mucus discharge From nose or eyes, whooping cough, coupe, head lice, scabies, any type of body rash, (if due to Allergies then bring a doctor’s note stating so) TB, meningitis, rubella, Rosella, strep Throat, ring worms, pin worms, anything contagious and transmittable- intestinal worms or Illnesses IF IT CONTAGIOUS THEN IT IS NOT ALLOWED AT CHILD CARE. Any communicable diseases must be reported to the Health Department.

48 HOUR POLICY: Your child must be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to childcare.

This means a child must be fever free -without taking any medications or fever reducers for 48 hours.

• Your child must be able to eat and hold down all fluids for 48 hours prior to returning. Your child must be clear of Diarrhea for 48 hours. All rashes and anything contagious must be gone. (See illnesses in parent Packet)

REPORTING ILLNESSES: Parents are obligated to report to provider any time the child is ill.

The parent must also report to provider if the child has been exposed to another child or adult with a

Contagious illness. Especially illnesses like Chicken pox. Measles etc , Flu, Corona Virus, that have a 2 week to 3 weeks

Incubation period. At no time are parents allowed to mask illnesses by giving the child

Medications or fever reducers and then bring the child to day care. Masking an illness and

Deliberately bringing a child to childcare ill can result in immediate termination. Always keep in

Mind. Would you want someone to bring a sick child to day care and infect your child?

IMMUNIZATIONS: According to State mandated laws, all children must be fully immunized which means, currently up to date on all immunizations prior to enrollment and first day of attendance to our childcare. No child can be admitted without proof of immunizations. We will need a copy of your child’s original immunization record provided by your Pediatrician. It is the policy of this childcare NOT TO ACCEPT any exemptions on immunizations. Children enrolled will need to continue their immunization as required by law. Failure to keep immunizations up to date will result in the child being suspended from care until all requirements are up to date or dismissed from our program. No exceptions. Fees would still be due during a suspension.

Illness Policies are subject to change at providers discretion when needed.


I fully understand all terms and conditions in item three regarding Illnesses, community outbreaks or pandemic crisis. . I will fully Abide by the stipulations and policies on illnesses for the health and safety of my child and other children and families in day care. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute

Waiver of any other provision.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________



  • PARKING: please Park on the street next to the curb. Do not block Providers Driveway at any time, or block Neighbors driveways at any time. Absolutely no parking in driveway at any time as well. Please avoid parking on the sidewalk or double parking. Try to be expedient when dropping off or picking up so that someone else can use that parking spot.
  • TRASH DAY: Is the only day you can double park next to the trash cans or pull up and block OUR driveway only. Just trash day.
  • CHANGES: Always notify the childcare provider (Pat Alexander) of any changes. Such as working hours, changes in employment. Going from full time to part time etc. Moving from one residence to another. Your files will need to be updated when there are phone numbers, addresses, place of employment changes. Also notify Provider if there are any legal issues regarding an absent parent. All changes must be given to the provider in writing two weeks in advance.
  • SCHOOL-AGE: Are the only children with two types of payment fees. Fees for school session are Part time. When school is off track and child is here full time their fees are adjusted to the Full-time schedule. You will have a separate fee agreement for these schedules.
  • RESPONSIBLE ADULTS: It is your responsibility to have a list of responsible adults that are Capable and ready to pick your child up in an emergency when you are not able to. You must call the childcare first to let us know that someone other than yourself is picking the child up even if that person is listed on your registration forms. Parents are responsible to be sure the child is picked up on time. If you should be late then call one of your listed responsible adults to pick your child up. The childcare will call the names on your list should you be more than 30 minutes late It is imperative that someone be able to come get the child. NOTE: It is not acceptable at any time for any adult picking up your child to arrive at childcare under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will not be allowed to take your child, and you will be called immediately. Should this happen this person will no longer be acceptable on your list of responsible adults and you will have to find someone else to list. Anyone picking up your child are required to have a car seat to use for your child.
  • CAR SEATS: Children under age 8 and less than 60 Ibs must still use a booster or car seat.) Adults picking up child must have a car seat when they are picked up. This includes either parent Picking up the child or responsible adults picking up the child. The car seats must be in good working order and secured properly in the rear seat of the vehicle. NOT THE FRONT SEAT. The childcare does not have car seats to loan out. If the child does not have a car seat someone else will have to come and get the child that does have a car seat. Parents will be responsible for late fee payments should this happen. This is state and national law. This is for the safety of your child.
  • BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS: Parents will be told of any behavior problems regarding their child. Extreme behavior problems can result in a conference with parents, or a call to the parents to come and pick the child up early. If extreme behavior problems continue and the behavior is a threat to the welfare of the other children, the child might be terminated from childcare. (see behavior problems page) It is unacceptable for a child to:

1. hit, kick, bite, cuss, spit, pull hair, wrestle, shove, throw toys or objects

2. if these actions are violent or for the intent to hurt another child.

3. deliberately tear up or break toys or items.

4. intentionally hurts another child or adult.

5. Child is uncontrollable (in any action including tantrums etc.)

  • DRESS CODE: Children will arrive at day care dressed, clean, and in a clean dry diaper or pull up if potty training and ready for the day. Including wearing shoes and socks. Children should be dressed accordingly to the weather. Girls will need to wear shorts under dresses. Children need to keep a spare change of clothing in their cubby box. Children will need a warm jacket for wintertime, and light weight jacket or sweater for Spring and Fall. If child arrives soiled or wet at childcare parents will take time to change them before leaving them. Parents are to keep a supply of diapers, wipes or pull ups in their cubby box for the week and be sure that there are always supplies for them. The childcare does not supply these items. Parents also need to bring a box of wipes.
  • Regular Play shoes: SHOE WITH LACES ARE NOT PERMITTED. All shoes must be secure, with Velcro. No backless or strapless shoes such as flip flops are allowed. No open toed shoes. Shoes must be safe and secure on the child’s foot. Closed toed sandals are preferred. Loose fitting shoes, or shoes that do not fit properly will not be acceptable. Tennis shoes are preferred.
  • POTTY TRAINING: (see potty training guidelines) The childcare will help assist you in potty training When the child is ready to be trained. During the training process the child will wear pull ups while at childcare. NOT CLOTH panties. When the child stops having accidents at day care, and the provider Feels the child is ready then we will go to the next step and use cloth (thick) training panties with a Plastic over covering to save furniture and carpeting from wetness. We will not start potty training any child that is under age 2 years. We will only assist in this process on any child that is able to meet the potty training guidelines, (see toilet training in parent handbook) We also reserve the right to stop the potty training process if it traumatizes the child or the parents fail to follow through at home.
  • VISITORS: Only parents are allowed to visit during the day. We do not allow any outside visitors during the day. We do not have a visitor’s area here. Only Parents are cleared to be here because of Licensing regulations. You can always have a family member pick up the child for the day from here if they want to visit them and take them elsewhere outside of the Child Care Premises.
  • Parent Volunteers? Occasionally we might ask for a parent volunteer if something comes up and provider must leave the premises unexpectantly. This keeps us in ratio. We might ask for Parent volunteers during a special activity, or field trip that requires transportation and adults to help supervise. Parents are allowed by licensing to volunteer.
  • PARENTS: Open door policy means you can come any time during the childcare hours. For whatever Reason. This is you're right. However, the doors are locked during the day after the last drop off until pick up time. This is to prevent a stranger from just walking into the home. This is to prevent parents in custody disputes to just walk in and take the child. We will answer the door quickly. This is also still our

home and we ask that you respect it as such and KNOCK so that we can answer our door. Unless we are in the back yard and you will hear us out there. If you want to visit your child during the day, please come and pick the child up and take the child out to lunch. You will have a better visit if you do it away from the other children who will not leave you alone while you are here. It is disruptive. Or pick the child up early sometimes and surprise them so you can have the rest of the afternoon together. We encourage parents to visit we just ask that you use common sense about dropping in to the see the child. We do reserve the right to dismiss the child for the rest of the day if your visit causes the child undo stress. If the child will not settle back down because you are leaving you may be required to take your child with you.

  • LUNCH AND NAP TIME: It is only requested not mandatory that parents avoid coming during the lunch time through nap time hours. We start serving lunch between 11:30 to 12:00 IF people come during lunch time, the children will stop eating their lunches, because of the visitors, this is also very disruptive. If you would like to have lunch with your child, we request that you take your child out to lunch. This allows you quality time with your child without the other children trying to get your attention. Let the child Care know when you plan to pick up for a lunch outing together. We will have your child cleaned up and ready to go. They would need to be back by nap time to avoid disruption to the nap time preparations. Children are down for naps by 1:00 pm and sleep to 3:00. Between 3-3:30 we are waking children, to go potty, and do diapers. Avoid coming during this time because it’s very busy. No visitors during nap time, they will not nap, or they will awaken easily if someone comes in during nap time. The children need their rest time. You always have the right to come during day care hours, but we ask that you take into consideration these times.
  • DOCTORS/DENTAL APPOINTMENTS: If at all possible, schedule these appointments before going to work in the mornings or after nap time and you pick up early for the day. Please avoid the nap time to do appointments whenever possible. Avoid appointments that would require you to bring the child to childcare, come back and pick up from day care, and then bring the child back to day care. This confuses the child and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Children are used to one routine drop off and pick up.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS FROM HOME: We do not allow personal items, such as toys, blankets, (other than a comfort blanket.) pillows, etc. Brought from home. Please leave those items at home or in the car. Do not wait till you get to the door to take these items from the child. Do it before you arrive at childcare, so the child is not upset when arriving. The first couple of weeks we will allow a comfort item until the child make the adjustments. No electronic games, or cell phones allowed, unless cleared withs the provider.
  • SHARE DAY: Every Wednesday is Share day. The child can bring one toy from home. No Batteries or small parts allowed. No toys that promote violence such as guns, swords, action figures and superhero toys. We ask that the child bring something different each week. The item must be a Toy that the can pass around and share. Food, clothing items and videos are not share items. However, they can bring a video or treats to share at other times. No comfort toys. Children do not like to share comfort items. No cell phones or electronic games.
  • NO FOOD/GUM/ ETC.: Unless you bring a treat to share with the group your child is not to walk into childcare with any food whatsoever in their hands. They must finish in the car before coming in. This includes if you pick the child up for lunch and you return the child. They must finish before coming back to childcare. This also includes sippy cups. Children still on the bottle are okay. GUM or RAISINS are

never allowed at childcare. We also ask at pick up time to wait to give your child a treat or surprise in the car and not in front of the other children.

  • MEDICATIONS: We do not give medications here at day care. If your child has a prescription, please have your doctor prescribe a medication that can be given 2-3 times a day at home. NOT TO INCLUDE DAY CARE HOURS. Please let Day Care know if your child is on any kind of medications, allergies, colds, prescriptions, so we can monitor their behavior on these medications.
  • Deliberate destruction of toys or any items, including personal items of provider, children or others, will be charged to the parents. Any home, interior or exterior damages caused by your child will be charged to the parents. This includes furniture, personal items, and Misc. items. If your child puts something down the toilet that requires plumbing repairs, you will be charged.

    • CELL PHONES: No cell phones during Drop off and Pick up times. Your child deserves your attention during this time. They need to say goodbye without competition of the cell phone. At pick up they are excited to see you and need to be able to tell you hello and talk about their day. It’s important to your child. Our program is a CELL PHONE free zone.
  • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES: Please try to stay on your normal morning drop off schedule. We do not want your child to miss breakfast or any of the activities planned for the day. If you are going to be late please call the day care and let them know you will be late or absent for the day. We plan our meals around who will be here. We need to know if we should include your child for breakfast or for the day. Also make departures in the morning as quickly as possible. It will help your child adjust sooner if you do not linger. Staying to long prompts the child to become clingy. It is usually harder on the parent than the child. You can call us from work or from your cell phone and see if the child settled down.
  • MEALS: We are on the FDA state meals food program. All children regardless of income status are eligible for this. We fix breakfast. Lunch and snack here for the children and supply their nutritional needs during the day care hours. Meals are served:

8:00-8:30 breakfast 11:30-12 noon lunch 3:45 snack.

We stop serving breakfast at 8:30. Your child must be here before or by 8:30 to receive breakfast. If you arrive late in the mornings after 8:30 a.m. your child must eat before arrival. DO NOT BRING food in with child at any time, unless it’s something they are sharing with the whole group.

If you pick your child up for a doctor’s appointment etc and arrive after 11:30 a.m. please

fed your child before you return to daycare. We do not serve lunch after 11:30 am.

  • LATE ARRIVALS: Please call Child Care before 8 am if your child will not be here for breakfast.
  • If your child is arriving late morning, all children must be here no later than 11 am. So, they are counted in the Lunch count, and here before nap time so they don’t disrupt the childcare.
  • Absent: Please notify childcare anytime your child will be absent for the day or partial day so we can plan meals and activities accordingly.
  • Children with dairy or milk allergies must have a note from the doctor stating they are allergic to dairy or milk



I agree to all the terms and stipulations listed under Item 4 of this contract. I fully understand these terms

and conditions which include all Miscellaneous items. Parking, changes, dress code, medications, arrivals, departures, behavior, dress code. share day and personal items from home, destruction of property and

Other items all listed under Item Four, of this agreement. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute -waiver of any other provision.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________



Your scheduled drop off and pick up time is according to your work schedule. Depending on distance

to and from work. Parents are allowed 30 minutes travel time each way. Parents who work further might need additional time for drop off and pick up. Two parent homes should share in the responsibility of dropping off and picking up to avoid the child being in childcare any longer than necessary. Children should not be in child care over 10 hours a day so they can have quality time as much as possible with their families. Our operating hours are to accommodate work schedules. It doesn’t mean a child is here from opening to closing unless work schedule is set that way.

  • Mothers work schedule is:_______to____________
  • Work Address:_________________________________________________________________________
  • Fathers Work Schedule is: _____________to_____________
  • Work Address:_________________________________________________________________________

Write in your drop off and pick up time for each day of service that you use


Full time is 30 or more hours per week but not to exceed 10 hrs per day.


Weekly fee: $__________per week. Payable in cash by Closing time on Friday. (In Advance)

(See late fees agreement under item 1) Child Care fees are due 52 weeks of the year regardless of child's

attendance, or childcare closures. Fees due for any absences including pandemic or other community closures as long as child is enrolled.

Parent Responsible for fees: ______________________________________________________________

We do not allow fees to be paid by two different parties when parents are divorced or separated. The

parent responsible for fees is the person who has legal custody, and brings the child to day care and pays the fees...

Married Couples residing together are both responsible for payment. Should that change, then a new fee agreement

will need to be updated and signed.

If you are on an alternate payment program, you will be responsible for all fees not paid for by the subsidy program. If you are on an alternate payment program, please list the name of your case worker and contact number and name of agency here:

Case Worker: ________________________________________________________

Phone Number______________________________________________________

Name of Agency: ____________________________________________________

I agree to pay any and all fees not covered by the Alternative Payment Program: Including Vacations, registration fees, holidays, sick time, fee shortage from AP program, anything not covered or paid for will be covered by me.


I agree to pay all day care fees in full, on Friday in cash in advance as to the agreement of this contract. I understand that there are late fees should I be 24 hours late in paying my fees or daily late fees if I continue to be late with my fee. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract between myself and Patricia Alexander of Alexander Child Care. I understand all the stipulations and agreements of this contract.

I also agree that when terminating childcares that I am to give a 30-day written notice which is 4 complete weeks of care that will end on a Friday and pay the final 4 weeks of child care in advance at time of notice.

I understand that I am still liable for these fees should I fail to give the mandatory 30-day notice or if my child does not attend during his/her final 30 days or any period of that time. I agree to all fee's and stipulations. I understand that I am signing a legal document.

Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of any other provision.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________



To be clear on this policy: We do not accept personal checks. Fees are paid in cash, or by money order or bank cashier check. No exceptions.

All fees are due and payable on Friday in advance by closing time. No exceptions.

You can pay:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly (just keep in mind that some months have 4 weeks and some months have 5 weeks)
  • You will agree to a pay schedule and stick to it.
  • You can pay in cash, money order, or bank cashier check.
  • Your payment will be logged in while you are present and counted in front of you. We give monthly receipts and annual year to date statements for tax purposes.

Please Sign that you understand this explanation:

I chose to pay ______________________

Parent Signature: ______________________________

Parent Signature___________________________________Date:


To be clear on this policy Fees are paid 52 weeks of the year. No exceptions.

  • Regardless of attendance
  • During parent’s vacation time off or personal time off
  • During The 3 weeks during the year for Winter and Summer breaks.
  • During illness or general absences. Or Pandemic or community crisis closures.

Provider closes 3 weeks out of the year.

  • 1 week during the summer –Summer break. (see holiday schedule)
  • 1 week during the holidays. About the last week of the month of December including Christmas and New Year’s. Depending on how the calendar year is set up. (See your holiday schedule.)
  • A third week may be added to the Calendar, either as a full week off in conjunction with the other Time down, or separately, or broken up. These weeks are paid. See your holiday schedule. Any changes in Vacations, and closures parents will be notified at least 30 days prior or as soon as possible depending on circumstances. Provider reserves the right to take a day off or personal reasons, illness, professional growth.

Holiday Closures:

New year’s, Presidents day, Memorial Day (and the Friday before Memorial Day) , 4th of July (or a weekday if it falls on a weekend) , Labor Day (which includes the Friday before Labor day) , Columbus Day, Veterans day, 2 days for thanksgiving (Christmas and New Years are usually during Winter break. Provider reserves the right to close for professional development or In-Service days if needed. This is also rare. Provider will always give advance notice on any closures unless it’s an emergency closure. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, we will be closed on Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, we will be closed on a Monday.

Occasionally but rarely provider might close without warning for emergencies or illness. Or should a special event arise provider will request a closure date or early closure time. Example Children’s graduations from school, family urgencies.

Signature of acknowledgement: ____________________________________________Date___________

Signature of Acknowledgement: ____________________________________________Date____________

Transition Trial Period

Dear Parent,

We have a two-week trial period for your child after enrollment. During these first two weeks, we will be assessing as well as you will be assessing your child’s health, wellbeing, and behavior adjustments into this childcare environment.

We want you and your child to be happy and comfortable. However, we realize that it does take time for children to adjust to a new environment. Most children adjust or show improvement to adjustments during the first two weeks. Some children might take a bit longer, but they should be showing signs of adjustment. And sometimes it doesn’t always work for all children. We do not want your child to be subjected to prolong emotional stress during the transition period.

If you feel, or we feel that the child is not making adequate progress during these first two weeks then services can be discontinued without further notice from either party.

Fees during Trial period: Are paid weekly. We will not do biweekly or monthly until after Trial period has ended. Fees paid during the week are nonrefundable. Once your child starts the fees paid that week are set. Regardless if child finished the whole week or not.

Your Trial period will begin on ________________________and end on _________________________

If all goes well, we will continue after the ending date and all terms and conditions of the Child Care contract will be in full force. Including the required 30-day termination notice is enforced after the 2-week trial period.

I,_______________________and ____________________parents/guardian of ____________________________understand completely the terms and conditions of this two week trial period. I understand that I can withdraw my child from Alexander Child Care at any time without notice during these two weeks and before the two-week ending date above. I also understand that there will be no refund of fees paid during that time. Once we have completed the trial period and move forward into continued services all policies in the contract agreement will be in full force.


Print name:________________________________________________________________


Print name:________________________________________________________________

The following information is for the benefit of your child’s safety, as well as the safety of the other children enrolled in this childcare.


  • Biting: It is not uncommon for a child to bite. It happens! Especially amongst the toddler to preschool age children. However, a chronic biter poses a threat to the other children. Therefore, the following rules must be implemented into this childcare.
  • A parent will be notified either by text, email, or phone when a child has bitten another child.
  • The parent of the child who was the victim of the bite will be notified as well.
  • It is confidential. We cannot tell the Victim’s parents who bite their child. We cannot tell the bitters parents what child was bitten. Your child might tell you, but we are unable to.
  • If a child bites twice in one day, the parents will be called, and the parents will need to pick the child up from care for the reminder of the day.
  • If a child bites more than 3 times in the span of one month a conference will be called with both parents and the provider to discuss alternatives and resolutions as well as consequences to the issue.
  • If a child bites more than 5 times within a month, the child will be immediately terminated from this program. Without the customary two weeks’ notice from provider.

State laws and guidelines for Licensed Family Child Care always requires us to provide a safe environment for the children. Biting is considered a non-safe activity and is a threat to another’s child’s wellbeing and safety. This also includes any behavior problems that can result in harm or injury to another child.

  • Children with aggressive behaviors are monitored. If they continue with the aggressive behavior towards the other children or staff a parent/provider conference will be required.
  • Aggressive behavior includes: Continuous behavior patterns of biting, shoving, hitting, pushing, punching, tackling, wrestling, pulling hair, kicking, violent temper tantrums, screaming at providers, sing unsuitable language etc. Any extreme unacceptable behavior.

Safety Regulations: (Adults)


  • At no time is a parent or designated adult allowed to arrive at childcare under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This would also include municipal marijuana or any legal or illegal drug that will impair your ability to drive safely or is prohibited to drive while using.
  • Provider will call the other parent, or designated adults to come pick the child up under these circumstances.
  • If the parent or adult refuses to call a cab, a friend, or other parent, or wait for someone else to show up to drive the child the police can be and will be called to handle the situation.
  • We are mandated reporters and are required by law to call police.


  • Car seats are required for any child 8 years or younger and 4’9” tall.
  • Parents must have a safe car seat with them when they pick up or have a designated adult pick up.
  • Car seats must be age appropriate. Booster car seats are for older children over age 4 years. Not for young children or infants.
  • We are mandated reporters and if we observe a child getting to leave in a car without the proper safe car seat we will have to report the incident to CPS. This is not something we want to do so please be safe and use car seats.


  • Parents who arrive together or meet at childcare should not arrive arguing on Child Care premises.
  • Parents should arrive in a calm matter so that the child does not become agitated or stressed.
  • We are a No Cell Phone zone. This means, that when you enter to pick up your child your cell phone should be off, and conversations discontinue. Drop off and Pick up should allow your child to have your undivided attention.
  • Parent and Provider should always have calm conversations and meetings. If there is an issue and either party becomes upset the conversation needs to continue at another time, or away from the children to avoid stressing them. We are not allowed at any time to argue in front of children.
  • At no time should a parent ever threaten the provider, staff, or other parents. This will result in immediate termination.
  • PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED at any time, to use physical discipline, scream or yell at their child on the childcare premises.


I am a mandated reporter. I am required by law to report to the Department of Social Services, police Department or Child Protective Services any and all child abuse, or suspected child abuse. This will include emotional maltreatment, mental or emotional abuse, physical abuse, physical neglect, and sexual abuse. And unsafe conditions that would result in direct injury to any child. This includes the failure to use a car seat.

I have read these safety requirements concerning behavior problems, alcohol, drug, car seats, and parent behavior. I fully understand and accept these policies and conditions and will abide by them.


Print name:________________________________________________________________


Print name:________________________________________________________________

Emergency Transportation Permission Slip

I, _____________________________________the parent/legal guardian of

_____________________________________________hereby give permission for

my child to be transported by ambulance or other emergency vehicles in the event of injury, illness, or medical emergency.

I, also understand that I will be responsible for any financial obligations the ambulance company for use of their services during this transport.

Parent’s name: ________________________________________________

Parent’s address: ________________________________________________

Parents home, cell, and work phone numbers:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Health Insurance ____________________________Policy number

For child:________________________________

Parent Signature:______________________________________date:__________

Parent Signature:______________________________________date:___________

Medication Permission Form

This childcare is not allowed by State Licensing to administer medications of any kind without written consent from the Parent or Guardian. Please fill out this form and sign with date.

(please print)

Child’s name:____________________________________Birthdate:__________

Parent’a Name:_____________________________________________________

Home Phone:______________Work phone__________________Cell_________

I, hereby give Alexander Child Care, Pat Alexander, and Staff permission to administer medications for my child when needed either medications that I provide or by prescription from the doctor. I understand that any and all medications for my child are supplied by me the parent, or the doctor. I also understand that all medications whether over the counter or prescription are to be in their original container with complete instructions, dosage, and expiration date. Prescription medications must also have the child’s name on the container. Over the counter prescriptions need to be age appropriate. At no time will I substitute any medications that are not age appropriate or that are prescribed to another person.

Alexander Child Care has permission to administer one or all the following when needed and requested by me the parent.

  • Medication prescribed by Child’s pediatrician and prescriptions is current
  • Over the counter children’s Tylenol or other non-aspirin pain reliver.
  • Chewable Vitamins (provided by parent)
  • All asthma medications prescribed by physician, inhalers, and nebulizers machines or oral medications.
  • Sunscreen. To be applied while outdoors playing in sun. (supplied by parent)
  • Cover all: This includes all items listed above when needed and under authorization of the parent.
  • Other_____________________________________________________________


Print name:________________________________________________________________


Print name:________________________________________________________________

Permission Slips


I, __________________________________________parent/guardian of ________________________

Hereby give my permission to Alexander Child care, Pat Alexander and Staff to take photos, or video tape my child for the purpose of Parent displays, brag book displays, website page, photo albums, Child Care face book page, Promotions, advertising, and other child care related activities. This also includes video tapes for parent observations, or student observations. I also give permission for my child to be photograph or videotaped for news media events that involve the Alexander Child Care.


RECORDING or Video tape recording.

I, __________________________and __________________, give consent for Alexander Child Care, Pat Alexander and staff to located at 6904 Sandy Souza way, Elk Grove, CA. to record or video tape at will any conversations, parent conferences and other meetings we have, or might have with the provider at any time during the duration of my Childs enrollment. I understand these recordings or video tapes are the property of Alexander Child Care & Pat Alexander and serve as necessary documentation for her records, child care licensing and or legal proceedings.

Mother Sign signature_________________________________print name___________________________

Father Sign signature__________________________________Print name__________________________



I, also give my permission for my child to attend supervised field trips including walking field trips with the Alexander Child Care and their staff and any volunteers helping with field trips. This includes providing transportation by car, walking, or public transportation when needed.



I, also give permission to the Alexander Child Are to allow my child to be observed for purpose of health, early childhood education, or Early Childhood Education students who are doing ECE activities and observations for class work.



I reserve the right to refuse any law enforcement agency, childcare licensing agency, child abuse agency or CPS to interview my child without prior knowledge or consent from myself. I reserve the right to be present should my child need to be interviewed for any reason. And I reserve the right to decline or deny any interviews should I see fit. I also reserve the right to assign another adult to be present if I cannot be present at the time of the interview. I will not hold Alexander Child Care responsible should any agency violate my wishes regarding this.


I_____________________________________________parent of ___________________________.

Have agreed to all terms and conditions of the policies and agreements of the Alexander Day Care.

I have read all terms of this contract. Some of these conditions include, fees, vacations, illnesses, termination, and all other agreement, plus behavior agreement, and trial period agreements.

I fully understand the terms of each item and agreement that I have read and signed.

I am the legal Guardian of ________________________________________

And sign this contract willingly:

I also agree to keep Pat Alexander and the Alexander Day care current with any and all personal information regarding myself and my child. ie. Address changes, hone changes, employment changes, family status and etc. that would affect my child’s enrollment in the Alexander Child Care.

Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of any other provision.

I understand that this is a legal and binding contract between myself and Pat Alexander and the Alexander Child Care.


Print name:________________________________________________________________


Print name:________________________________________________________________

Home Address________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone:_______________________________________work phones_________________________

Final Statement

The following contract contains all the regulations, policies, and procedures governed by the Alexander Day Care.

It Is the Parents responsibility to read this contract completely before signing. It is the Parents responsibility to abide by all contractual agreements as stipulated in this Contract. Failure to read this contract is no excuse to disregard the agreements of this Contract. Your signature where required is a statement that you have read and agreed to the contractual agreements. This is a legal and binding Contract.

The contents of this Contract will cover fees, payment of fees, late fees, vacations, holidays, hours of service, Termination policies, illnesses, child illnesses, Pandemic crisis, state or community closures and shut downs. liability, behavior problems, field trips, medications, and other miscellaneous Items.

Before Child Care services can be rendered this contract must be signed in all required areas. And filled out as required. Parents should make a copy of this contract for their records.

This contract needs to be signed, dated and returned to the provider (Pat Alexander) along with all registration forms and other forms required by the provider. All Forms must be submitted before Child can attend child Care and Preschool. Alterations, or deletions of any portion of this contract are not permitted and will void the contract unless agreed by and signed by both parties.

The term of this Agreement (The “term”) will begin on the date of this Agreement and will remain in full force and effect until child is disenrolled or terminated from this Child Care. There are no expiration dates for the “term” of this Contract Agreement.

The Parties agree to do everything necessary to ensure that the terms of this Agreement are abided by and followed as agreed.

All written and oral information and material disclosed or provided by the client to the Provider (Pat Alexander) under this Agreement is Confidential information regardless of whether it was provided before or after the date of this Agreement or how it was provided to the Provider.

Waiver: The waiver by either Party of a breach, default, delay or omission of any of the provisions of this Agreement by the other Party will not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach of this same or other provisions.

This Contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.

Parent Signature that you have read this statement and all conditions of this contract and agree to all stipulations, terms and agreements of this contract:

Parent Signature: _______________________________________date:_______

Print Name:________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ________________________________________date:________

Print Name:________________________________________________________________

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