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Alexander Child Care Contract and Policies

  note regarding field trips and transportation.

We do not provide transportation to and from school.  field trips are a planned activity 2-3 times per year where parents can participate and help transport children. Once a year we have parent hooky day,  and on this day all children attending have a parent attending that will supervise/participate/ and provide their child's transportation.  The other one or two field trips would be the pumpkin farm which would require enough parent volunteers to get the 12 children to and from the patch.  If we do not have enough volunteers we have to cancel the trip.  Car seats are required and parent would have to leave them that day that are not volunteering.   These are the two main field trips. If something special came up there could be a third field trip during the year, but this seldom happens.  it has to be something very special.   We do take the kids for neighborhood walks, and in the bye bye buggies to go to the near by park.  This is a walking field trip and only requires the teachers.   

We want parents to know that your child is not in the car every day,  running around town doing errands with the provider and not on the premises.  Most child cares only carry domestic car insurance which does not cover children in Child cares.  So parents should be aware of the car insurance laws when allowing any provider driving around with their children.   This is why we ask for volunteers for the two main field trips per year and do not run around with them any other time other than walking or taking the public bus. 

 The contract is published and written by Pat Alexander and protected under copy rights / all rights reserved.   Anyone wishing to copy and use this contract must get written consent from Pat Alexander.

 The following contract may not reflect any recent changes or updates: 

      The following contract contains all the regulations, policies, and procedures governed by the Alexander Day Care.

It Is the Parents responsibility to read this contract completely before signing? It is the Parents responsibility to abide by all contractual agreements as stipulated in this Contract.

This is a legal and binding Contract.


The contents of this Contract will cover fees, payment of fees, late fees, vacations, holidays, hours of service, Termination policies, illnesses, child illnesses, liability, behavior problems, field trips, medications, and other miscellaneous Items.

Before Child Care services can be rendered this contract must be signed in all required areas. And completely filled out as required.

Returned to the provider along with all registration forms and other forms required by the provider.  All Forms must be submitted before Child an attend child Care and Preschool.


ITEM ONE: Hours of Day care, payment of fees, over time fees, and holidays.


Ø  DAY HOURS: open   7:00 a.m.    Close: 5:30 p.m.     Monday through Friday

Ø  Full Time Child Care hours are based on 30 plus hours per week and no more than 10 hrs a day.

Ø  FEES: Fees are due and payable on Friday for the week in advance. All fees are paid in cash.  You will receive a receipt at the end of the month for the fees paid that month.  (see your fee agreement)  FEES are based on enrollment not attendance.  There are no deductions in Fees regardless if child is absent for any reason.  Including Providers Vacation time.  Fees are paid 52 weeks per year.

Ø  LATE FEE CHARGES: There is a late fee charge of $5.00 per day that fees are late being paid. All fees are due and payable by closing on Fridays.  Child Care can be suspended if not paid for on time.  Parents must contact Provider in advance anytime there is a problem.

Ø  OVERTIME FEE: Over time fees are paid anytime you are late and arrive after closing time or arrive early before we open in the mornings.    Over time fees are:  one dollar per minutes after closing or before opening.  We do not provide over time.  It is imperative that Parents pick up their children on time.  We stick to our opening and closing time. 

Ø  HOLIDAYS: Day Care is closed for all major holidays. (See your holiday schedule) Holidays are included in your weekly fee. There are no deductions in fees for Holiday closings. There are no deductions in fees should day care be closed for in-service days or personal day off. 

Ø  IN SERVICE DAYS:  These are days outside of Holiday closure example summer break (1 week) and Winter break (2 weeks) closure. 




I understand the terms and conditions under item one. I have read the items and agree to these

Agreements concerning hours of operation, Fees, payment of fees paying the fees in cash, over time fees, in service days and receiving a monthly statement

I also understand that this day care is closed on all major holidays and that there are no deductions for in fees and they are included into the weekly fee. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of any other provision.

Sign: ___________________________________________________date_______________________

Print name_______________________________________________________


Sign: ___________________________________________________date_______________________

Print name_____________________________________________________



ITEM TWO: vacations, and termination agreement



Ø  VACATIONS: Parent Vacation: Parents must notify Day Care two weeks in advance Planning a vacation and  Child will be absent from Care.   All fees are due in advance regardless of duration child will be absent before you leave on vacation.   Failure to pay child care fees by the time they are due and payable   will result in late fees being incurred or child care services could be suspended and forfeited. 

Ø  Summer and Winter breaksProvider will close down child care for three weeks out of the year.  Provider will give at least a 30 day notice before taking vacation time off.  Provider has the right to take these three weeks off as she sees fit.  Either all at once or broken up into different time periods.  Normally it's two weeks in the winter around the holidays and one week in the summer:  Parents will need to make alternate plans for child care during that time. This child care is unable to provide alternate care for you. Some Parents take the same time off for Vacation as the Provider to make it easier.


Ø  Fees paid during breaks:    All three weeks for summer and winter break are paid days off.    Child Care is paid 52 weeks of the year. (See explaination for summer and winter breaks) and fee agreement on closures.   

Ø  TERMINATION NOTICE: It is mandatory that you give a 30 day written/dated notice to the

Provider before terminating child care services. At time of notice  your final 4 weeks of fees will become due and payable.  Since this child care did not require a deposit towards your final 30 days at enrollment it will be required in advance when you do serve your termination notice.

Ø  PROVIDER TERMINATING SERVICES: Your provider has the right to terminate without notice for the following reasons.

1.  Child's behavior is uncontrollable and is a risk to the other children.

2. Child is not adjusting to the environment and it is to traumatizing to attend.

3.  Fees were not paid and are over due. Breech of contract.

4.  Parent is a risk to the provider or other children in care

5. Parent arrives at day care drunk, or under the influence of drugs.

6. Provider makes a judgment call and feels immediate termination is needed.

7.  Parents breech any parts of the Contract agreement. 

Provider is within all legal rights to terminate services for any reason. Whenever possible under other

Circumstances provider will give a two week to 30 day notice should day care services need to be





I understand the terms and conditions under item two. I understand my responsibilities and conditions regarding personal vacations and provider vacations, including fees that due at that time.

I also understand the conditions regarding Terminating services with a written, dated notice 30 days

In advance with the final 30 days due at time of notice. Should I fail to give the

Required notice I understand that I am still obligated to pay the final 30 days regardless if my child

Attends or not. If I should leave before my 30 day notice is final I am still obligated to pay the

Remainder of that time as well. No refunds. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of

Any other provision, this is a legal binding contract. 

Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________






ITEM THREE: Illnesses


NOTE: Contagious illnesses are never allowed at day care at any time. Your child must be kept at home or with alternative care during any contagious period of an illness. Your child will need a doctor's note saying the child is fit to return to day care and is no longer a risk to the other children. However, Providers reserves the right to refuse the doctors note if Provider feels the child is still to sick to attend child care.   Please be familiar with the policies regarding illnesses. There are no deductions in fees any time your child is absent due to illnesses. Fees are still due and payable in full and on time (see fee agreement)

Ø  UNACCEPTABLE Illnesses are:

1.     Measles, chicken pox, fever over 100 degrees, diarrhea, vomiting, flu, pink eye,

Conjunctivitis, impetigo, severe coughing, severe colds, green or yellow mucus discharge

From nose or eyes, whooping cough, coupe, head lice, scabies, any type of body rash, (if due to

Allergies then bring a doctor’s note stating so) TB, meningitis, rubella, Rosella, strepe

Throat, ring worms, pin worms, anything contagious and transmittable- intestinal worms or

Illnesses IF IT CONTAGIOUS THEN IT IS NOT ALLOWED AT DAY CARE.  Any communicable diseases must be reported to the Health Department. 

Ø  24 HOUR POLICY: Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to day care.

The child must be fever free -without taking any medications or fever reducers for 24 hours.

Your child must be able to eat and hold down all fluids for 24 hours. Your child must be clear of

Diarrhea for 24 hours. All rashes and anything contagious must be gone. (See illnesses in parent


Ø  REPORTING ILLNESSES: Parents are obligated to report to day care any time the child is ill.

The parent must also report to day care if the child has been exposed to another child with a

Contagious illness. Especially illnesses like Chicken pox. Measles etc that have a 2 week to 3 week

Incubation period. At no time are parents allowed to mask illnesses by giving the child

Medications or fever reducers and then bring the child to day care. Masking an illness and

Deliberately bringing a child to day care ill can result in immediate termination. Always keep in

Mind. Would you want someone to bring a sick child to day care and infect your child?


·         IMMUNIZATIONS: All children who undergo immunizations must have their immunizations completely up to date before entering day care. Parents are responsible for keeping these immunizations up to date at all times.  Parents are required to bring at Xerox  copy of the child's immunizations records and give to the provider upon entry to the day care so the child care can enter those immunizations on the  state immunizations blue card. Parent will provide an up to date copy to day care each time the child receives immunizations. Parents who have personal or religious belief’s against immunizations must sign the back of the blue card where required to be exempted from this policy





I fully understand all terms and conditions in item three regarding Illnesses. I will fully

Abide by the stipulations and policies on illnesses for the health and safety of my child

And the other children in day care. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute

Waiver of any other provision.


Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________





Ø  PARKING: please Park on the street next to the curb.  Do not block Providers Drive way at any time, or block Neighbors driveways at any time.  Absolutely no parking in driveway at any time as well.  Please avoid parking on the sidewalk or double parking. Try to be expedient when dropping off or picking up so that someone else can use that parking spot.



Ø  CHANGES: Always notify the Day Care provider of any changes. Such as working hours, changes

In employment. Going from full time to part time etc.  Moving from one residence to another.  Your files will need to be updated when there are phone numbers, addresses, place of employment changes.  Also notify Provider if there are any legal issues regarding an absent parent.  . All changes must be given to the provider in writing two weeks in advance.

Ø  SCHOOL-AGE: School age children over the age of 6 or first grade and up are the only part time

schedule with a flexible fee schedule.  During School track hours your fees are based on school hours.  Off track hours when there is no school in session your fees will be full time rates.

Ø  RESPONSIBLE ADULTS: It is your responsibility to have a list of responsible adults that are

Capable and ready to pick your child up in an emergency when you are not able to. You must call the

day care first to let us know that someone other than yourself is picking the child up even if that person

is listed on your registration forms. Parents are responsible to be sure the child is picked up on time. If

you should be late then call one of your listed responsible adults to pick your child up. The day care

will call the names on your list should you be more than 30 minutes late It is imperative that someone

be able to come get the child. NOTE: It is not acceptable at any time for any adult picking up

your child to arrive at day care under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will not be allowed

to take your child, and you will be called immediately. Should this happen this person will no

longer be acceptable on your list of responsible adults and you will have to find someone else to


Ø  CAR SEATS: Children under age 6 and less than 60 Ibs must still use a booster or car seat.)

Adults picking up child must have a car seat when they are picked up. This includes either parent

Picking up the child or responsible adults picking up the child. The car seats must be in good working

order and secured properly in the rear seat of the vehicle. NOT THE FRONT SEAT. The day care

does not have car seats to loan out. If the child does not have a car seat someone else will have to

come and get the child that does have a car seat. Parents will be responsible for late fee payments

should this happen. This is a state and national law.   This is for the safety of your child.

Ø  BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS: Parents will be told of any behavior problems regarding their child.

Extreme behavior problems can result in a conference with  parents, or a call to the parents to

come and pick the child up early. If extreme behavior problems continue and the behavior is a threat

to the welfare of the other children the child might be terminated from child care. (see behavior

problems page) It is unacceptable for a child to :

1.  hit, kick, bite, cuss, spit, pull hair, wrestle, shove, throw toys or objects

2.  if these actions are violent or for the intent to hurt another child.

3. deliberately tear up or break toys or items.

4. intentionally hurts another child or adult.

5. Child is uncontrollable (in any action including tantrums etc.)

Ø  DRESS CODE: Children will arrive at day care dressed, clean, and in a clean dry diaper or pull up if

potty training and ready for the day. Including wearing shoes and socks. Children should be dressed

accordingly to the weather. Children need to keep a spare change of clothing in their cubby box.

Children will need a warm jacket for winter time, and light weight jacket or sweater for Spring and Fall.  If child arrives soiled or wet at child care parents will take time to  change them before leaving them. Parents are to keep a supply of diapers, wipes  or pull ups in their cubby box for the week and be sure that there is always supplies for them. The day care does not supply these items. Parents also need to bring a box of wipes.  (Continue-pg 5)


Ø  RAINBOOTS AND SLIPPERS: During the winter months please bring a pair of  High top durable rain boots to leave at day care and a pair of slippers for indoor play.  The children do take walks in the rain.   The slippers are nice for winter months to keep feet warm and hard shoes out of the playroom for safety reasons.

Ø  Regular Play shoes:  SHOE WITH LACES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  All shoes must be secure, with Velcro.  No backless, or strapless shoes such as flip flops are allowed.  Shoes must be safe and secure on the child’s foot.  Closed toed sandals are required.  Loose fitting shoes, or shoes that do not fit properly will not be acceptable.  Tennis shoes are preferred.

Ø  POTTY TRAINING: (see potty training guidelines) The day are will assist you in potty training

When the child is ready to be trained. During the training process the child will wear pull ups while at

Day care. NOT CLOTH panties. When the child stops having accidents at day care, and the provider

Feels the child is ready then we will go to the next step and use cloth (thick) training panties with a

Plastic pair of pants to wear over them to save furniture and carpeting from wetness. We will not start

potty training any child that is under age 2 years. We will only assist in this process on any child that

is able to meet the potty training guidelines, (see toilet training in parent handbook) We also reserve

the right to stop the potty training process if it traumatizes the child or the parents fail to follow

through at home.


Ø  VISITORS:  Only parents are allowed to visit during the day.  If you have a family member that wants to visit your child then please bring them with you at pick up or drop off.  Otherwise include the family member on your release forms for adult pick up and have the person pick up the child for the day so they can visit elsewhere outside of the child care environment. Parent would still need to notify child care if alternate adult is picking up.  It is to disruptive to have visitors here at child care and we do not have  a visitors area here..  

Ø  PARENTS: Open door policy means you can come any time during the day care hours. For whatever

Reason. This  is you're right. However, the doors are locked during the day after the last drop off until

pick up time. This is to prevent a stranger from just walking into the home. This is to prevent parents

in custody disputes to just walk in and take the child. We will answer the door quickly. This is also still our

home and we ask that you respect it as such and KNOCK so that we are allowed to answer our door.

Unless we are in the back yard and you will hear us out there. If you want to visit your child during the day, please come and pick the child up and take the child out to lunch. You will have a better visit if you do it

away from the other children who will not leave you alone while you are here. It is disruptive.  Or pick the child up early sometimes and surprise them so you can have the rest of the afternoon together.  We just ask that you use common sense about dropping in to the see the child.  We do reserve the right to dismiss the child for the rest of the day if your visit causes the child undo stress.  If the child will not settle back down because you are leaving you may be required to take your child with you. 


Ø  LUNCH AND NAP TIME: It is  only requested but not mandatory that parents avoid coming during the

lunch time through nap time hours. We start serving lunch between 11:30 - 12 Children will not eat their lunches if we have parents or visitors here. They will not nap, or they will awaken easily if someone comes in while Children are down

for naps.  Nap time is 1:00 p.m.   We start sending children to the restroom for potty and clean at 3-to 3:30.  Approximately.  3:30 p.m. is snack time. 

The children need their rest time. If you would like to have lunch with your child we request  that you  take your child out to lunch. This allows you quality time with your child without the other children trying to get your attention. Let the Day Care know when you plan to pick up for a lunch together. We will have your child cleaned up and ready to go.  You always have the right to come during day care hours, but we ask that you take into consideration these times.

Ø  DOCTORS/DENTAL APPOINTMENTS: If at all possible schedule these appointment before

going to work in the mornings or after nap time and you pick up early for the day. Please avoid the

nap time to do appointments whenever it is possible.   Avoid appointments that would require you to bring the child to day care,  come back and pick up from day care, and then bring the child back to day care.  This confuses the child and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  Children are use to one routine. 

Ø  PERSONAL ITEMS FROM HOME: We do not allow personal items, such as toys, blankets, (other then a comfort blanket.) pillows, and etc. Brought from home. Please leave those items at home or in the car. Do not wait till you get to the door to take these items from the child. Do it before you arrive at day care so the child is not upset when arriving. The first couple of weeks we will allow a security item until the child make the adjustments.  (continue page 6)



Ø  SHARE DAY: Every Wednesday is Share day. The child is allowed to bring one toy from home. No

batteries or small parts allowed. No toys that promote violence such as guns, swords, action figures

and super hero toys. We ask that the child bring something different each week. The item must be a

toy that the can pass around and actually share. Food and videos are not share items. However they

can bring a video or treats to share at other times.     

Ø  NO FOOD/GUM/ ETC.: Unless you bring a treat to share with the group your child is not to walk

into day care with any food what so ever in their hands. They must finish in the car before coming

in. This includes if you pick the child up for lunch and you return the child. They must finish before

coming back to day care. This also  includes sippy cups. Children still on the bottle are okay. GUM is

never allowed at day care. We also ask at pick up time to wait to give your child a treat or surprise in

the car and not in front of the other children.

Ø  MEDICATIONS: If you bring any medications, over the counter or prescriptions they must come in

the original package, showing instructions. Prescription medications must be for the child only with

his/her name on the label. Over the counter medications must meat the child’s age.  We will never give the child a prescription medication that belongs to someone else. You will sign a note of permission to administer these medications to your child. Asthma children must have a note from the doctor, and a signed release by the parent to help the child with any and all asthmatic medications or nebulizer. This is state law.

Ø  ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURES: Please try to stay on your normal morning drop off schedule. We

do not want your child to miss breakfast or  any of the activities planned for the day. If you are

going to be late please call the day care and let them know you will be late or absent for the

day. We plan our meals around who will be here. We need to know if we should include your child

for breakfast or for the day. Also make departures in the morning as quickly as possible. It will

help your child adjust sooner if you do not linger.   Staying to long prompts the child to

become clingy. It is usually harder on the parent than the child. You can call us from

work or from your cell phone and see if the child settled down.

Ø  MEALS: We are on the FDA state meals food program. All children regardless of income status is

eligible for this. We fix breakfast. Lunch and snack here for the children and supply their nutritional

needs during the day care hours.   Meals are served:

8:00-8:30 breakfast       11:30-12:00 lunch       3:30-3:45  snack.

If you arrive late in the mornings after 8:30 a.m. your child must eat before arrival we do not serve breakfast after 8:30 a.m.

If you pick your child up for a doctors appointment etc and arrive after 12:00 p.m. please  fed your child before return to daycare. We do not serve lunch after 12:00 p.m. for absent children.

Children with dairy or milk allergies must have a note from the doctor stating they are allergic to dairy or milk  products.  






I agree to all the terms and stipulations listed under Item 4 of this contract. I fully understand these terms

and conditions which include all Miscellaneous items. Parking, changes, dress code, medications,

arrivals, departures, behavior, rain boots, slippers, share day and personal items from home and

Other items all listed on pages 4, 5, & 6. Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute -waiver of any other provision.


Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________



 Your scheduled drop off and pick up time is according to your work schedule. Depending on distance

to and from work. Parents are allowed 30 minutes travel time each way. Parents who work further might need additional time for drop off and pick up. Two parent homes should share in the responsibility of dropping off and picking up to avoid the child being in child care any longer then necessary.   Children should not be in child care over 10 hours a day so they can have quality time as much as possible with their families. 

*      Mothers  work schedule is:_______to____________

*      Work Address:_________________________________________________________________________

*      Fathers Work Schedule is:  _____________to_____________

*      Work Address:_________________________________________________________________________

Write in your drop off and pick up time for each day of service that you use







Drop off:

Drop off:

Drop off:

Drop off:

Drop off:

Pick up:


Pick up:

Pick up:

Pick up:


Full time is 30 or more hours per week but not to exceed 10 hrs per day.


Weekly fee:   $__________per week. Payable in cash by Closing time on Friday. (In Advance)

(See late fees agreement under item 1) Child Care fees are due 52 weeks of the year regardless of child's

attendance, or child care closures.

Parent Responsible for fees: ______________________________________________________________

We do not allow fees to be paid by two different parties when parents are divorced, or separated.  . The

parent responsible for fees is the person who has legal custody, and brings the child to day care and pays the fees...

Married Couples residing together are both responsible for payment. Should that change, then a new fee agreement

will need to be updated and signed.


If you are on an alternate payment program, you will be responsible for all fees not paid for by the subsidy program.  If you are on an alternate payment program please list the name of your case worker and contact number and name of agency here:

Case Worker:________________________________________________________


Phone Number______________________________________________________


Name of Agency:____________________________________________________

I agree to pay any and all fees not covered by the Alternative Payment Program: Including  Vacations, registration fees, holidays, sick time, fee shortage from AP program, anything not covered or paid for will be covered by me.



I agree to pay all day care fees in full, on Friday in cash in advance as to the agreement of this contract. I

understand that there are late fees should I be 24 hours late in paying my fees or  daily late fees if I

continue to be late with my fee. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract between myself and

Patricia Alexander of Alexander Child Care. I understand all the stipulations and agreements of this contract.

I also agree that when terminating child cares that I am to give a 30 day written notice and pay 2 weeks of child care in advance at time of notice, and the remaining balance will be paid during the final 30 days on time and  on schedule.

 I understand that I am still liable for these fees should I fail to give the mandatory 30 day notice or if my child does not attend during his/her final 30 days or any period of that time.  I agree to all fee's and stipulations.  I understand that I am signing a legal document.

 Waiver of any provision of this agreement does not constitute waiver of any other provision.


Signed: ____________________________________________________________________date______

Print name: __________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________________________ date_________






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Pat Alexander
and Alexander preschool & Child  Care
It is prohibited to copy any materials or contents
from this web site without the
expressed consent from the owner.
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