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Messy Work

When Your Child Comes Home Messy

Red paint in the hair?  Blue paint on the jeans? 
Sand in the shoes?
White socks that look brown? Sleeves a little bit damp?

YOUR CHILD probably...
Worked with a friend? Created a masterpiece ?
Learned a new skill, Had a great time?
Developed new language skills

YOUR CHILD probably didn't...
Become bored ?
Do repetitive tasks

YOU probably...?
Paid good money for those clothes?
Will have trouble getting the red paint out?

THE CAREGIVER probably...
Was aware of your child's needs and interests?
Spent time planning a challenging activity? for the children?
Encouraged the children to try new things?

*Try to remember your favorite activity? when you were four years old. Was it outdoor play with water, mud, and dress up clothes, with friends? Young children really learn when they are actively involved in play, not when someone is just talking to them.

Children will enter school and be stuck in a classroom, sitting at a desk, doing structured teacher directed activities and class work. The school districts are even cutting back more and more recess time.    However, young children learn best through experience, touching, enviornment, hands on activities.  Let your child be a child and enjoy these early learning years. 

 This child experienced painting and making a mess for the first time  

and enjoyed every minute of it

This child got to experience finger painting and didn't have to worry if she got paint on herself.  She was able to enjoy this wonderful  sensory activity and create a piece of art. 

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