Alexander Preschool

A warm and safe environment where children learn, grow, and have fun

The teachers

  Miss Pat, Owner operator of Alexander Preschool and Child care. She Has a Degree in Early Child Development and holds a Master Teachers permit through California credentialing.  She has provided care in her Licensed Family child care since 1970 in the state of California. And recently celebrated 50  years of work and dedication to young children.   Pat also sits on several  Child Care association boards including the State Association for family child care    She has had her program accredited 3 times.  And strives to continue quality care using the standards of accreditation through  More detailed information on achievements, education, and experience please click:


Mr. Ed. is the husband of Miss Pat.  Ed is First Assistant and co owner.  Ed retired from driving truck in 2001 after relocating from San Jose to Elk Grove.  At that time Ed decided to be a partner in the business.  Ed has been a great asset.  The kids love him and it gives the children a balance of both male and female influences.  The parents enjoy having Mr. Ed involved with the children.  Ed is very experienced and can handle just about anything that comes along.  Doing child care is a far cry from driving truck but the rewards are greater working with children.  Ed is the person who chases the kids, gets on the floor with them and thinks like they do.  Whenever a new child starts and has a hard time with transition it's Mr. Ed that wins the child over and helps him settle in. 


 Miss Jessica.   Jessica is the oldest daughter of Pat Alexander & Ed Alexander.  Jessica was raised in the child care and has a lot of experience in working with children. She started working with children at the age of 14 and has worked full time, and part time in the child care most her life.   Jessica has a grown old son of her own and she recently became a first time Grandma.  Jessica Works part time at another Child Care Preschool in Elk Grove and Part time at Alexander Child Care and Preschool.  She has also worked in other Family Child Cares over the years while pursuing a degree in business.  However, Jessica changed her Major and is now finishing up her AA at Consumnes River College in Sacramento in Early Childhood education. Preschool.  Jessica's specialty is 2-5 year olds.  She currently holds an Associate Teachers permit through the state of California for Teacher credentialing. 


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