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This is a Testimonial page for Parents who are currently using our child care services or former parents who used our child care services   You can also see review on  Child Care Ratzings, a national rating system for Child Care Providers.

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Reply Shirley
8:40 PM on August 26, 2015 

I just moved to the area a year ago and needed to find childcare for my 4 yr old and soon to be 3 yr old boys. Previously I had them in a center where the classes where very large, my boys were getting sick frequent, and my oldest did not like the food and wasn't when we moved to ELK GROVE I looked into home preschool/daycare as Miss Pat was the 3rd place I toured. I quickly fell in love with the organization and teaching environment that she and her daughter Miss Jessicca provide....there's also a very creative chef Mr Ed (Miss Pat's husband) who cooks and is super! My sons eat SALAD! They love Mr Ed's cooking. The environment offers a ton for the kids to learn. My youngest graduated from potty training too as my oldest never had streeks in his underwear either compared to the big center where his underwear were dirty almost every day. What I also love is the monthly newsletters that include what the preschool will be teaching for the month. My oldest went from not recognizing abc to writing his full name, address, phone #, abc, 123, and citing the pledge of allegiance!!!! For only being in preschool for 1 yr, Alexander preschool has prepared him and us on the expectations of kindergarten as my son is performing well. Not to kids didn't get sick! AND it's affordable. Oh yeah, there's also the music man who comes and educates the kids of music and instruments. I can't express my sheer satisfaction with Alexander daycare. I'm looking forward for my youngest to begin preschool studies. THANK YOU

Reply Larissa
2:34 PM on July 25, 2011 

When the time came to look into preschools, we did a ton of research trying to find a good, safe & reliable place for our daughter to begin her new journey into preschool. We looked at places such as The Tree house learning center, Phoenix Schools & Mary Hill, and none of them came close to Alexander Preschool! Since her very first day there, we have seen our daughter grow drastically. She enjoys going to school every day and playing with her friends. She has learned so much. Sometimes she’ll say things that we think she doesn’t know & she says she learned it from school. As parents, we value the time and devotion that Ms. Pat, Mr. Ed & Ms. Jessica give to our daughter as well as the other children. They are very hands-on & involved in the activities that they do. They understand each child’s need & incorporates it into their teaching. The children are always very happy which makes us feel secure that we chose the right place for our child.

We truly enjoy the open communication Ms. Pat gives to the parents thru emails. On our daughters first day, she sent us pictures & emails through out the day giving us comfort that Hannah was doing OK which really meant a lot to us. Occasionally, she’ll give the parents a “night out” while she takes care of the kids AFTER school hours giving the parents some much needed alone time. The kids get to where PJ’s and watch cartoon as if they are having a sleep over with all their friends! You don’t get that kind of service now days.

We are very sad that we are leaving Ms. Pat & everyone behind, but we are confident that the skills that our daughter has learned from Alexander Preschool have prepared her for the next step-Kindergarten!

As soon as our second child is old enough, he/she will be going to Alexander Preschool!

Reply Karen
3:36 PM on December 7, 2010 

We sought out the best day care when we moved to Elk Grove in 2007 and we waited for about 3 months to get in.  It was well worth the wait!  We love this place.  Miss Pat and crew have tons of experience and know what they are doing.  our daughter has learned so much and was so well prepared for Kindergarden.  It has been great. 1st grade next year 2011 and we will miss Alexander daycare.  The kids love Mr Ed's cooking, dance time, learning and participating in everything.  

Reply Dolores
1:41 AM on May 14, 2010 

Alexander Preschool and Daycare is a great program!  My son Lucas has been there since he was 21 months old and he is now 4 1/2.  He has learned so much--educationally, socially, emotionally.  I love the email communication and email pictures!  My daughter (who is 2 yrs old) will also be starting with Miss Pat this summer and I believe bringing a 2nd child in says tons for the confidence I have in the program/daycare.

Reply Hang Cassens
11:19 PM on May 9, 2010 

Pat Alexander is a GREAT school!  My son Austin is now 5 and he will be graduating next month.  He's been there for 2 years and really enjoys it.  His older sister says, "I wish I could have gone to Austin's school when I was younger" because she gets to see all the science and neat school projects they do every week.

Miss Pat and Mr. Ed are awesome.  They really care for the kids and treat us just like family.  I would highly recommend this school for anyone who wants QUALITY and Loving care for their kids.

- Austin's mom & dad

Reply Daixin
3:27 PM on August 28, 2009 

Miss Pat is a dedicated teacher. She engages thechildren in a full range of learning activities through play. Drawing from herthirty plus year’s experience, she understands the children’s individual needsand considers that in her teaching too. Mr. Ed is a very loving and caringteacher too. The kids love his cooking.

The daycare environment is not only very safe butalso enhances learning. There is a domestic play area, a reading/audio area,many books, and all sorts of blocks, art supplies, and manipulative toys amongother things. Even the outdoor area (at the side yard) is a rich learningenvironment set up like an outdoor classroom.

Miss Pat communicates with parents regularly throughpersonal conversation, written notes, emails, and phone calls. One thing that Ireally liked and enjoyed were the emails she sent out that contained picturesof the kids in action. Through the pictures, I knew what my child was doing andwhat he was like at daycare.  That’s veryprecious to any working mother or father.

Miss Pat’s daycare is very trustworthy anddependable. During the 2 years and seven months while my older son Daniel wasattending, she did not close for a single day because of personal issues. It’struly quality child care that parents can trust and rely on.


In fact, our younger son James just started with MissPat’s daycare three weeks ago, in August 2009. He is adjusting pretty well tothe new environment. I am confident that he will have a learning experience as positiveas his big brother’s.


Daniel:  incare from October 2005 to May 2008

James: started in August 2009


Daixin (mom) and Guibo Xing (dad)



Reply Tammy
10:56 PM on July 29, 2009 

"We appreciate the structured curriculum and the safe environment Alexander Day care provides. The kids learn different themes every week, which is always fun. Miss Pat goes out of her way to provide learning opportunities and she coordinates many field trip events for the kids. The kids really do enjoy being there. I think the education and care provided at Alexander is comparable to more established institutions such as Merryhill."

Prospective parents can contact Liem my husband. He's at (209) 405-1763. -Tammy - 7/19/09

have two children in care. Started care 7/16/07

Reply Lindsay
11:19 AM on July 28, 2009 

My daughter can't wait for Mr. Eds breakfast in the morning!

The educational activities are endless!

Mother of daughter 3 yrs old

Lindsay W.

Child Started 7/8/08 she's been at Alexander Child Care one year.

Reply Sandra
11:17 AM on July 28, 2009 

My child grew up in this child care. And now I have my 2nd child there. The provider had her ready for kindergarten. she was always there, and reliable. Which is extremely important for a working parent. She provides a great program and interacts with the children all day. My peace of mind is important. There can be bigger child cares out there, fancier, but with Alexander you have someone that is in this for the long run. Not open today and close next week. She is committed to the children and her program. All the fancy centers or other child cares don't hold a candle to Miss Pat and Mr. Ed for what they offer the children.

Sandra M.

First child was enrolled Sept 1997

2nd Child was enrolled in Sept 2006

2nd child will be 3 years old soon.

You can email me at:

[email protected]

Reply Hang Cassens
8:08 PM on July 24, 2009 

Our son Austin started at Alexander Child care since May 2008 at 3 years old. Ever since the open house we've always felt welcomed and at home. We continue to be impressed with Miss Pat's programs including the OpenCourt reading program, emphasis on science and bugs, and nutritious meal programs.

You can use us as a reference:

Hang and Randy Cassens


1 child in care- started 5/7/08


Hang Cassens