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Accreditation information

  Alexander  Child Care has completed and passed the Accreditation Program 3 times through NAFCC. 


Accredited homes and centers voluntarily measure up to national standards of quality that have been established by national child care organizations. Programs that are accredited have gone beyond minimum licensing standards and have made a commitment to provide the kind of care, attention, and stimulating activities that you and your children require.

Caregivers in many accredited programs take part in on-going child development training. Trained caregivers are more likely to understand children’s needs at different ages, plan appropriate activities, and interact with children in warm and stimulating ways. They are also more likely to provide positive guidance for children, rather than harsh discipline.

Parents who use accredited programs are very happy with them! These programs undergo in-depth self-assessments, independent observation and approval by professional experts. (written by NAFCC)

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